Thursday, October 1, 2009

Grandads in.... Diapers?

If anyone's dad is embarrassed to be on this site (..or he doesn't even know that he is on this site because you know he will be embarrassed... oops-SORRY DAD!), Grandpa has just slapped some sense into him with this epic pic! I can just hear him now;
"Short? hrmh! You call them short? In MY day, if you weren't showing skin higher than the upper thigh area, you weren't a MAN yet! Look at ME- I wore the shortest swim trunks of them all, and I was treated as a GOD! I would toss around anyone who threatened me in their
short-shortiness! This is how we won the war!"
Uhh...ok, grandpa....

Thanks to Jon for the earliest example of short man-garments since the loincloth!
See his movie!! (

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